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Bamboo Massage

What is a Bamboo Massage?

Introducing bamboo massage to the Isle of Man. The latest treatment in the holistic world of treatments.

An ancient, ritualistic natural treatment that encourages well being and has stood the test of time due to its great benefits of easing out muscular spasm and giving a deep tissue massage. Using warmed bamboo of a variety of sizes and diameter in conjunction with Manual massage it is also deeply relaxing.

What are the benefits of a Bamboo Massage?

The bamboo replaces the therapist's hands and gives a firmer, deeper massage. A bamboo cane is rolled over the muscle with the same strokes that would typically be administered by hand. This massage of the muscle assists in the release of tension and easing of knots. A well administerd bamboo massage promotes circulation and relaxation to the patient.

The Equilibrium Bamboo Massage

At Equilibrium we have sourced the finest bamboo for the use in our massage therapy. You will feel complete relaxation and benefit from the relief of muscle aches and pains that modern living imposes.

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