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I am the Dr. Hauschka Esthetician on the Island. Dr. Hauschka researched for many years the benefits of working with what nature provides us and believed we should be working with, not against, nature (the Anthroposophical approach). The premise is that we work with the skin and encourage it to do some of the work which in turn helps the skin to behave better, age better and generally look more 'alive' and fresh (like exercising a muscle you want to improve the tone of). Working the Dr. Hauschka 'way' and with Dr Hauschka products a facial delivers a thorough, effective but gentle cleanse to all skin types, it is respectful to the skin, the massage helps deliver fresh nutrients, oxygen & aid cellular activity with prescribed essentials oils treating specific skin type/problems and finally the masque further compliments the treatment by addressing specific skin problems and working at a deeper cellular level.

The massage part of the facial can be done with either the special lymphatic stimulation brushes (without oil) or with the prescribed essential oils used in in a bespoke routine of manual massage.

Benefits: monthly facials will help keep the skin on track, working with the cellular activity and deeply nourish and feed the skin.  The deep relaxation can help alleviate stress which in turn can be very ageing and damaging.

The products & methods I use work in harmony with the skin and the lymphatic system. They also work to increase cellular activity and don't interfere wth its ph balance. My facials also include reiki (if desired, used to enhance the massage), a free eyebrow tidy and an arm & hand massage. A Complete holistic approach to skin care.

The Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Treatment - £85 (a lymphatic stimulation treatment) 2 hours

Dr. Hauschka Review Facial - £45

Dr. Hauschka Official Facial - £45 (lymph stimulation brushes - no oil)

The Equilibrium Essential Facial - £45

The Equilibrium Destress Facial - £40

Equilibrium Facials & Skincare Testimonials

Best facial ever
Mrs H
I wasn’t just saying it but my friend's skin really did look fantastic after your facial
Mrs Tina
Besides feeling completely relaxed when I have my facial my skin feels and more importantly looks great for days after, and I am not just saying that
Mrs Taggart from Ballasalla

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